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Tournament registration is now open

Date: July 17, 2024

Time: 9:00 Shotgun

Rules: This tournament is a 2-person team scramble open to guests of any gender and age 14 and older. Invite your wife, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, nephew, niece, neighbor, etc. The intent is to provide an enjoyable game with family/friends in a SEMI-COMPETITIVE morning of golf with emphasis on fun and sociability aspects. SMGA MEMBERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TEAM WITH OTHER SMGA MEMBERS FOR THIS TOURNAMENT.

SMGA members MUST register via the SMGA Website. If a guest does not have an established handicap, they must submit scorecards for rounds of 9 or 18 holes, which total at least 54 holes, to the Tournaments email address at least 72 hours in advance of the tournament.

Member and his selected guest are partners. Each player will hit his/her drive and the team will select the best drive for that 2 person team to use for the next shots. Each team member will hit the second shot from that point and the team will again select the ball location to be used for the next shots. This will continue until the ball is holed out. All putts must be holed out. All balls to be played from the selected ball location may be placed within one club length (6" on the putting green) no closer to the hole than that original location. If the selected ball location is to be played in a penalty area, both balls must be played from the penalty area. Each team will be required to use a minimum of 4 tee shots from each player during the round, including the Par 3s.

Drop Zones (DZ): On Choctaw #2, for a ball that is in the penalty area, the player may proceed under Rule 17, or as an additional option, drop a ball in the DZ that is no closer to the hole than the point the ball last crossed the margin of the penalty area. Penalty is one stroke. On Seminole #2, for a ball that is in the LEFT penalty area, the player may proceed under Rule 17, or as an additional option, drop a ball in the DZ under penalty of one stroke.

Handicap: 50% of the team average will be applied by Golf Genius.

Tees: Multiple

Scoring: We will be using the Golf Genius Software. Please record gross team score for each hole, both on Golf Genius and on the scorecard provided. Compare scorecard with Golf Genius at the end of the round, make any corrections, and Save Scores.

Entry Fee: $80 per team + full cart fee billed to the member's account.

Meal: Lunch is included following play. Details will follow.

Field Size Limit: 50

Payouts: Prizes are per team: First place $120, 2nd place $110, 3rd place $100, 4th place $90, 5th place $80

Ties: Ties will be equally shared, e.g., teams in a three-way tie for first will share total prize for places 1 thru 3.

Conditions: If we are cart path only, lift, clean, and place within one club length, in your own fairway, no closer to the hole. If we are driving on the course, play the ball down.

Extra Info: Members MUST sign up with a partner to register for the tournament. The committee will NOT be pairing members with partners.

Chairman: Mike Ladd

Directors: Frank Perisino & Ed Biehler

      Registration OPEN

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