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Step Aside -  ABCD Blind Draw

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Date: April 12, 2023

Time: 9:00 Shotgun

Rules: Each player will hit a tee shot and the captain will choose the ball to play next. The person who hit the selected tee shot may not hit the next shot, but must "Step Aside". The remaining three players will then hit from that location and the captain will again select the shot to be used. Follow this "Step Aside" procedure until the ball is holed out. When a ball is hit into the hole, that determines the score for the hole.
Each player's tee shot must be used on at least 3 holes, but no more than 6 holes. See below for the procedure for threesomes.
All balls played from the selected ball location may be placed in the same area of the course within one club length of the original location, no closer to the hole. On the putting green the ball should not be moved more than 6 inches. If the selected ball location is in a penalty area or a bunker, all balls must be played from the same are of the course (e.g penalty area or bunker). .
USGA rules apply in addition to Local Rules.
Drop Zones (DZ):
Choctaw #2 - For a ball that is in the penalty area, the player may proceed under Rule 17 or, as an additional option, drop a ball in the DZ under penalty of one stroke.
Seminole #2 - For a ball that is in the LEFT penalty area, the player may proceed under Rule 17, or as an additional option, drop a ball in the DZ under penalty of one stroke.
All players are to ride in their assigned carts. No walkers in tournaments.

Handicap: The total team handicap will be divided by 6 for the team handicap. For threesomes divide the group's total handicap by 4.5. This gives the group a 4th player with a handicap equal to the average of the threesome's total handicap.

Tees: Gold except for those members on the Silver Tee list.

Scoring: Record the GROSS score for each hole on the scorecard provided and in Golf Genius. The handicap will be automatically applied by Golf Genius. Compare the scorecard and Golf Genius after the round. Be sure to Save Scores again after any changes are made, and recheck.

Entry Fee: $50 plus cart fees will be billed to your account

Meal: A box lunch will be provided during play.

Field Size Limit: 100

Payouts: Number of winners of pro shop credits TBD based on number of entries. Closest to the pin prizes for par 3 holes will be assigned per ABCD handicap and noted on the measurement cards at each hole.

Ties: Ties will be broken, for first place only, by scorecard playoff using the aggregate NET score of the 4 lowest handicap holes, then working back with #5, #6, etc. if necessary. Other ties will be shared equally.

Conditions: If we are cart path only, lift, clean, and place within one club length in your own fairway, no closer to the hole. If we are driving on the course, play the ball down.

Extra Info: Closest to the pin prizes will be awarded per player handicaps:
A players SEM 2, B CHO3, C CHO 7, D SEM 6
Threesomes confirm your hole assignments with Club staff member before beginning play. The player designated to play for the missing player may use only his first shot for closest to the pin.

Chairman: Trip Andrews

Directors: Charlie Snyder

Procedure for 3 players: Each member of the threesome will hit a tee shot on each hole. In relative ABC order they will then take turns hitting a tee shot as the DH for the missing player. Whichever player's tee shot is selected, including the DH, he must step aside, and the other 3 players (including the DH if applicable) will hit the next shot. Essentially the DH determined on each tee shot is the 4th player on the team for that hole and he will step aside or hit each shot as appropriate.

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