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Date: June 15-16, 2021

Time: 9:00 Shotgun

Rules: Two nine hole matches day 1. One nine hole match plus Shoot-Out Day 2
USGA rules apply in addition to Local Rules
Drop Zones (DZ): Choctaw #2 for a ball that is in the penalty area , the player may proceed under Rule 17; or as an additional option, drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the DZ that is no closer to the hole than the point the ball last crossed the margin of the penalty area . Seminole # 2 for a ball that is in the LEFT penalty area , the player may proceed under Rule 17; or as an additional option, drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the DZ. located short of the green.

The Shoot Out will consist of all flight winners and ties teeing off Seminole #1 in an alternate shot format. Those teams that make net par or better advance to Seminole #2 and play alternate shot format. Three lowest net scores advance to the final hole. If there are more than 3 then a chip off will determine the finalists. Those three advance to # 9 Seminole. where they will engage in a Four-Ball Stroke play. Winners position will be determined by the lowest net ball. If a tie then the net score of the partners ball will be used. If still a tie, the hole will be replayed one time. If a winner is not determined then a chip off will determine the winner and runner-up.

Handicap: 100% Flighted by team handicap (10 Flights)

Tees: Gold except for those members on the Silver Tee list.

Scoring: When a team wins a hole, that team is awarded one (1) point. If a hole is tied, each team is awarded one-half (1/2) point. The team winning the match will receive one (1) additional point so that the total points for each match is ten (10) points. If after nine holes and the match is tied, each team will be awarded one-half (1/2) point making the final score 5 to 5. All nine holes must be played in each match and total points for the match must equal ten (10).
PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to improve pace of play please pick up once you are out of the hole. Utilize Equitable Stroke Control to record your score on that hole. You must record a score for each player on every hole (i.e. no X s).

Entry Fee: $40 + cart billed to your account

Meal: Lunch Tuesday included (Turn Grill -Burgers-chips-drink)
Optional Dinner and Awards ceremony billed to your account. Dinner- see below for details.

Field Size Limit: 80

Payouts: All Flight winners plus 1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall

Ties: Flight winner only. Who goes farthest in shoot out -Who won head to head - Most Matches won - Most points on day 2 - Who won the last match played, Decide by Lot.

Conditions: If we are cart path only - Lift, Clean, and place within one club length in your own fairway, no closer to the hole and not on the putting green. If we are driving on the course, play the ball down.

Extra Info: MENU - WEDNESDAY EVENING MEAL Remember there is limited seating. First 60 players + spouse/SO get a seat.
6:15 Cocktails; 7:00 - Dinner, Jackets Requested, Ties optional.

Prices shown for dinners are inclusive of gratuity and tax. What you see is what you pay. Choice of entrees:
New York Strip steak $39
Cajun pasta with shrimp, chicken and sausage $30
Salmon salsa cruda $36

INCLUDES - Mixed Greens Salad, Sides for beef and fish: grilled vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. and bread pudding with sauce

Tournament Chairman: Bob McMains

      Registration OPEN

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