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Geoffreys Fun Day -  4 Man ABCD Blind Draw

Tournament registration is now closed

Date: November 6, 2019

Time: 9:00 Shotgun

Rules: Unusual to say the least.

Handicap: 100%

Tees: Who knows

Scoring: Too complicated to go into now but it is interesting.

Entry Fee: None - provided by the SMGA Board (Cart fee will be charged to your account)

Meal: Lunch and Awards ceremony immediately after play

Field Size Limit: 100

Payouts: Number of winners of pro shop credits TBD based on numbers of entries.

Ties: Ties will be broken by scorecard playoff using the aggregate of 4 lowest handicap holes then working back with #5, #6, etc.

Conditions: If we are cart path only - Lift, Clean, and place within one club length in your own fairway, no closer to the hole and not on the putting green. If we are driving on the course, play the ball down.

Tournament Chairman: James Mann & Patrick Harkins

      Registration CLOSED

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